Testimonials From Customers

"Great service with friendly staff. 

They do a nice job with cleaning."

Tina Bock

Authorized Level II Ashtanga Yoga Teacher & ERYT/ CEP Vinyasa & Kid Yoga

"Thank you so much for the amazing job. I didn't expect that it will look as it was new!"


"They were the only ones who could get the stains out of my couch after trying with several companies. Also very professional service and were on time and courteous.''

Amna Al Ali

"I did AC Cleaning , Deep cleaning and sofas cleaning. I have to say I was very impressed with the team's knowledge on ground as well as the quality of work they delivered. I have done the same services with very well known companies before yet the results were not the same.

Deep Cleaning was the best. It is nothing like I have done with any cleaning company before. They scrubbed all balcony walls with the brush using soap and air pressured water hoses to clean the balconies. They also cleaned all bathrooms without missing a spot. Their attention to details was spectacular from cleaning the walls to cleaning the connectors inside cupboards. Same goes for the kitchen .. They also use the latest machine for scrubbing the floors according to the type of tiles you have. All in all, the whole services were worth every penny I spent. It gave me a feeling of moving into a brand new house. Highly Recommended . "

Layal Ismail

Saadiyat Beach Residents, Abu Dhabi

لكل الامهات, اكيد بهمك انه يكون المكيف عندك نظيف عشان صحة اولادك و تنفسن و يكون عندك بيئة نظيفة بالبيت. و لأن جاييني بيبي عالطريق حبيت جيب شركة تنظفلي المكيفات و الفلاتر كلها. كانت تجربتي مع شركة فيكس برو اكثر من رائعة. قبل ما يدخلو عقمو حالن و داخلين بلباس جديد عشان كورونا و لما اشتغلو حطو رولات عكل الغرفة, البيت ما توسخ, نظفو كل شي وراهن و الفلاتر رجعت نظيفة و جديدة

نور متي

"Air quality is so important for our health and wellbeing and since having FixPro UAE in I've noticed a huge improvement in the way i feel waking up in the mornings.

These guys were so professional and thorough with their job and I highly recommend anyone in the UAE to get them in for a service! You'll be surprised with what they find."

Anya Tarasiuk

PT, Barre, Pilates, BTB & Bounce Instructor

BodyTree Studio

"Thank you FixPro for your service. It was an amazing experience. The team was professional and polite. I highly recommend FixPro to everyone looking for a good quality service."

Hanady Hamdan

General Manager at Pace e Luce 

Abu Dhabi

The experience was fantastic from the start. Everything was communicated to me so I could know what to expect. The cleaning process was organized and the house remained exactly how it was. Super clean, fabulous experience. Thank you!



"FixPro is a trustworthy cleaning, sterilization and maintenance provider. They provide a wide range of house services through professional skilled people who take care of your home and treat every single detail of it with special care"

Mohammed Shalo

"My 5 years old daughter's room had a bad moldy smell since we moved in, Oct 2019, I called the maintenance company who came 4 times to fix the problem but they never been successful. I looked for another company to fix it as I am worried about my daughter's health, many companies in the market, with mixed reviews, so finally I decided to try Fixpro, I am happy I did!

If you are looking for professional and efficient company to clean your A.C I highly recommend Fixpro."

Tasneem Abo Rouza

"From the moment that Pizza Di Rocco used FixPro, we knew they did things different, the right way... just like us.

Every step in the process, from the initial checks, surveys, the communication was really very professional. When they come to service our A/C, they are the best at the tech they use and their enthusiasm.

We enjoy our working relationship with FixPro. We use them in all our restaurants and recognize superior quality just like we offer.

I would strongly recommend this local trustworthy company.''

Peter Samaha

Managing Partner

Quest Restaurants Management LLC

The team kept in touch with me before and after the service



Fixpro was very professional from beginning to the end. I spoke to other companies but only Fixpro were willing to come to inspect our villa, show me the state of our aircon - ducts, drains etc. They were very honest about is urgent to do now, they were not pushy at all. My son suffered from allergies which we didn't know where they came from. After cleaning air-conditioning in our villa my son had no more allergies and we can feel that the air we breathe is fresh and clean. I would highly recommend FixPro.



I really loved the service, the cleanliness was spot on and the team was professional, I highly recommend it!



"After experiencing FixPro services I can only confirm the high level of professionalism, the superb service, and the most important thing is the amazing results, everybody should try the difference."

Marc Masihi


"Very professional. I could not believe it's a local company. They left no mess and above all, they used a green solution to clean my AC units. Please keep it up."

Sophia Aya Alexandra

Stricly Swimming

They cleaned after they were done working, my house wasn't a mess



"I know the team very well and they are the most passionate and dedicated professionals I have met."

Jason Moore

It was a very nice and prof. Experience thank you so much



Apparently other companies send you fake pictures for before and after report, Fixpro use an application where pictures has the (location, date and time) on each picture



"They came to clean my Villa AC they have done an amazing job I highly recommend them very friendly staff and professional"

Ali S.

They made sure the AC grill is back perfectly and cleaned the wall, no stains were left (this was an issue with another company)



"Great service. Highly recommended. Worth every money paid 👍"

Majid A.

Finally, I found out today that maintenance companies clean only filters, they don't clean the coil and drain trays, which usually are really dirty



The staff were very professional, polite and efficient, they explained the whole process