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The process is twofold as our professional team will remove dirt and debris from the tank and then sanitize the tank with highly effective and eco friendly sanitizer.

This will be determined by the tank size, access to the tank and what issues you are facing. One extra step that increases the price is if our team needs to close the main water line the night before the cleaning service, the good news is that you can save this cost by closing the main line yourself. As is always the case, we are happy to walk you through the process and offer any calcifications once you contact us.

It is recommended clean your water tank twice a year. The main reason are sediments that build up and spoil the water in the tank. In addition, any contamination to the water caused due to dead animal or addition of unclean water means the tanks is now a conducive environment for germs eventually causing infections.

This depends on the tank capacity. A 1000-gallon tank (which is a single tanker) would require around 30 to 45 minutes to clean. Delays and extra charges may incur when the tank is not emptied and would require a pump to remove the residual water. Our team will keep informed every step of the process so that you approve of the procedure.

There are a number of factors that determines the service cost: the hoods' size, the quantity of hoods and fans, how much ducting there is in-between, the existence of a horizontal ducting, and the amount of access panel openings present and requiring service. Once our team is at your premises, they will inspect the location and provide the best value for money quotation offering flexible schedules and a customizable service according to your requirements.

One of the excellent feature of our cleaning services is that once contracted we will take of the rest. Once you contract our service, our scheduling desk will contact you to schedule each cleaning appointment during our year of  contract, we also call you before each of the cleaning appointments scheduled a couple of weeks ahead.

The main reason we recommend our kitchen hood exhaust cleaning service is fire prevention, in addition to the added benefits of looking brand new and smelling fresh. We perform an exhaustive cleaning of all accessible areas of the exhaust system starting from the hood inside the kitchen to the roof.

The Fire Code states that the cooking type and volume at a given facility determine its proclivity to fire hazards and consequently cleaning requirements. A busy fast-food restaurant should be inspected and cleaned at least on a quarterly basis. A school's kitchen may only need to be inspected and cleaned once per year. The majority of other locations fall somewhere in between. Our professionals will determine how often you should be hiring the inspection and cleaning services ensuring your compliance with health and fire codes.

The service duration is determined by the following factors:
The Cleaning process we opted to use for your specific needs
The amount of time needed for the upholstery to dry.
Our team will give you an estimated cleaning time and inform you on the procedure.

At FixPro we accommodate our services to your needs by offering flexible scheduling including providing the services after hours, or designing a specific program customizable to your needs or business requirements. Our technician will report the estimated drying times so that you are informed at every step of the way.

This is determined by the fabric and the type of cleaning method we opted to use for best results. Regardless of these factors, average drying time is at least 24 hours.

Most services are provided within a few days of contacting us, and we always aim to arrange the timing of the cleaning service at your most convenient time.

Please contact us for a quote

The coil is the component in your AC responsible for cooling the air circulating through the unit. Since the condenser coil is located outside the building, dirt can easily enter it and humidity can cause it to grow mold. This will worsen the air's quality and increase energy consumption affecting the efficiency of the coil. A strong indicator that the coil in you AC unit needs cleaning is when the air your AC blows becomes smelly. For these reasons, your AC coils should be cleaned at least once a year.

The number of AC units can be determined by counting the number of the corresponding thermostats. Each thermostat controls one AC unit.

When your AC produces a leak, it is highly probably due to a damaged or clogged condensation (also called drain tray pan), dust, dirt or mold can cause the blockage and water cannot escape and leaks instead. In this case only an expert technician such as those at FixPro can locate the leak and solve the issue.

In general, ACs need to be cleaned every 6 to 12 months and that also depends on the system and usage. In addition, how dusty the area you live in could also have an influence. As for the filters, they should be cleaned every 3 to 6 months. Finally, the coil should be cleaned once every year.

Our regular home maintenance includes the following services: Annual AC cleaning Contract, plumbing, air conditioning , electrical maintenance, Furniture cleaning, Mattress Cleaning, Water Tank cleaning, Sanitization and Pest Control.

Yes, we offer 24 hours customer service. Contact our customer service executive via e-mail, telephone or social media and they will attend your requests and assign the adequate professional to tackle any issues.

For electrical work, we will refer you to our trusted partner who provides a varied array of electrical services for your home and business. Electrical services provided by our partner include: general electrical work, wiring, lighting, and electrical installations for both residential and commercial customers. Our customer representative or the technical supervisor present onsite will coordinate with our partner to book the electrical services needed after your approval.

Our process removes dust and dirt from the mattress, then we disinfect with our customized UVC Technology.

The duration depends on the size of mattress, but between 15 to 20 minutes for a single mattress and about 30 minutes for a double mattress. Queen and King Mattresses can take up to an hour.

We make sure to keep the areas we work in organized and free of obstacles. Our standards are to leave the room tidier or exactly in the state we found it in.

We can clean your mattress at your home.

We provide deep villa cleaning services through our trusted partner that will offer you best value for money while providing smooth and highly efficient service. The cost range varies depending on the size and the cleaning and dirt removal services needed. The cleaning professional will provide all the details as part of the procedure.

Yes we do, please contact us for a quote.