How Dirty Is Your AC Coil?


See how a coil is cleaned. Coil Cleaning removes all dust and debris that may be blocking peak air flow, it will also prevent the system from functioning at its best. FixPro cleans your AC coils with the correct eco-solution, which will help to eliminate any bad odors at it's source, keeping your home smelling fresh and the hygiene of your system as it should be. 

Many of the AC Cleaning teams in the UAE claimed to clean your AC coils but actually they don't! They say they do and they charge you for it, but majority of homes and offices do not have the access panels built in to reach them! So the coil remains uncleaned and becomes a breeding ground for bacteria and other nasties that you then breathe in whilst in the home. 

Although some may think we are a little more pricey than our competitors, we can tell you now, it is because we actually take the time to the full cleaning job and checks.

We also ensure that we check the whole system not just a quick wet clean, we are thorough and we recommend effective actions to have a better working system and indoor air quality. 

This is the proper FixPro way!