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High Standard of Service

FixPro complies with the most stringent international standards and certifications. In addition, FixPro sees homes and businesses as ecosystems and so we provide individual services as well as all-inclusive service programs with pre-scheduled inspection and maintenance visits. 
Our clients’ peace of mind governs the FixPro new hygiene experience, this is why we only use organic, eco-friendly and non-toxic products that are at the same time thoroughly effective in eliminating bacteria and viruses. 
Our services use the industry’s state-of-the-art equipment and technology including the most powerful machinery.

Our team are professional experts selected among the best in the industry, in addition, they participate in our intensive and constantly updated training programs to offer you unparalleled service. 
With the combination of pioneering technology, international standards and expert staff, FixPro brings the new healthy living standard to your home and commercial spaces.

Message From the Founders

FixPro founders work at the forefront of environmental and facility management sectors. In the light of recent world health issues and the pandemic, they thought introducing a new level of hygiene and cleanliness has been crucial. This is why FixPro introduced our cleaning, disinfection and sanitization process.

This threefold approach ensures that the spaces we clean are free from germs, bacteria and viruses and remain so for extended periods after our visits. All FixPro services are designed according to the most recognizable standards in the industry making FixPro a pioneer in the UAE and one that complies with ISO and local UAE cleaning and maintenance regulations.

Thanks to our founders’ awareness of the latest in sustainability solutions, we use specially customized eco-friendly and equally effective products delivering safety and cleanliness to all FixPro clients.
In accordance with our founders' vision, FixPro is the embodiment of progress and excellency and the company the United Arab Emirates deserve.


To introduce the FixPro New Hygiene Experience
to every home and business in the United Arab Emirates.


To become the Emirates' first service provider and distinguished partner in providing services and solutions for a healthy and sustainable living.